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Bad Behavior is a American film directed by Jeff Byrd, and starring Mike Epp's and Mindless Behavior. Besides their documentary, this is MB's first film to be acting in. Mike Epp's also was a guest star in the "Mrs. Right" music video as the Janitor. The film is to be released into theaters sometime in 2013. The film will be released by Conjuction Films, Society Pictures, and Feather Films. The film was written by Lamant Magee and Jeff Byrd. The story was made by Kenneth Crear, Walter Mill shap, Jeff Byrd, and Lamant Magee.The film's release date is unknown at this time.


Four baseball players and friends who play for the Grays receive baseball powers from things that belonged to professional baseball players in the past. Chris finds Jackie Robinson's glove and no balls can get past him, Jason finds Satchel Page's baseball he either throws super fast even it's a knuckle ball or curve ball, DJ finds Cool Papa Bell's shoes and he is unstoppable when he runs, Marcus finds Josh Gibson's bat and can knock a ball out of the field as their baseball coach, Andre Parker bets on them.