Mindless Behavior Wiki

In the time that Mindless Behavior has come onto the scene they have worked with many talented people in the music Industry. They have had the opportunity to work with many of this generations most talented, producers, choreographers, dancers and musicians in the bussiness. The following list shows many of those  who they have worked with. Both well known established artists as well as other up and coming artists.

Music Collaborations

Debut Album (and Remixes)
#1 Girl
  • Diggy Simmons - Mrs. Right 
  • Ciara, Tyga and Lil Twist  - My Girl Remix
  • Lady Leshurr Girls Talkin Bout (UK Remix)

Sophmore Album (Rumoured)
All Around the World
  • Lil Twist and Jacob Latimore - Pretty Girl
  • Soulja Boy - I Lean

On Tour

Sceam Tour

Fellow Performers
(informmation needed)

Closer to My Dreams Tour

DJ- Soundwave
  • Ciara
  • Diggy
  • OMG Girlz

  #1 Girl Tour

DJ - Big Deal (Myles)
  • Ciara
  • Jacob Latimore 
  • Lil Twist 
  • 3XL

  • Neico Joy
  • Antoine Troupe

All Around The World Tour

DJ - Myles ' Big Deal' Brown


  • OMG Girlz
  • Coco Jones



Music Videos

Recuring Dancers

  • Collectiv Youth Dancers


  • Dave Scott


Actors/ Actresses

LL Cool J - Mrs. Right

Mike Epps - Mrs. Right

Ashlynn Gobert Harris - Hello

Tisha Cambell - Hello

Special Live Performances

The Ellen Degeneres Show
DJ - Soundwave
Dancers - CollectiveUth

  • If anyone is missing please feel free to rectify and add to the information shown