Mindless Behavior Wiki

African-American boy band, Mindless Behavior went through 5 phases up until the groups disbandment.

The group started out as a quartet in 2008, consisting of, Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray-Ray and Princeton. It remained that way until November 2013, when Prodigy’s mother, Wanda Armour announced that Prodigy had left the group. Sources claimed that Prodigy had already wanted out months before. Prod later explained in a Winter Time Shawty interview that he was being mistreated and bullied by management. He also described that creative director and manager, Keisha Gamble would be way more strict with him then the other members. He felt like she was so strict to the point where he thought she didn’t like him. Prodigy also revealed on a Instagram live video in 2017 that the group’s management would call him names like “sociopath” and “psycho-Craig”. Some fans also speculated that something was wrong with Prod dating back all the way back to the All Around The World Era (2012-2013), Prod later explained that he felt unappreciated and he felt like no respected his well being. He would often get interrupted during interviews as well as sometimes during interviews, he would often look “sad” or “wilted” and “drained of energy”. Prodigy also later revealed that the management team even tried to turn the other members against him at one point, causing jealousy in the group. After Prod’s departure, the group became a trio until early 2014, when they welcome new member, EJ, whom performed with Kidz Bop and played young Simba on the Broadway version of The Lion King. In December 2014, Roc Royal was dismissed from the group due to his troubling behavior which brought the group bad publicity, including: becoming a father at 16, beating up a old man over $10 which was recorded and went viral, and stealing a producer’s BMW.

Roc Royal later explained to fans that he was fired over text, without being given the chance to explain himself. He soon after, changes his stage name into “Santo August” which is based on his biological name, Chresanto August. After Roc’s dismissal, This led to Prodigy returning to the group in 2015 as Roc’s replacement. Prod later revealed that he thought he was being brought back into the group as a genuine act until he found out that he was just a temporary replacement and decided to exit the group. Roc’s permanent replacement was Mike River who joined the group, shortly after Prod’s second departure. While the group was in the middle of working on their third studio album, titled “Recharge”, Ray-Ray left the group to pursue a solo career. Ray-Ray, now known as just simply Rayan Lopez later revealed to Winter Time Shawty that he was dealing with depression and had suicidal thoughts at one point, and he also felt like he wasnt feeling the group anymore, he felt unconnected to the music and therefore he knew in his heart that he wanted to leave. After Ray-Ray’s departure, the group scrapped the “Rechrage” album and started working on a new album, delaying release all the way to 2016. By then MB had completely transformed into a new group. New members with only one original member, they decided that they were stronger as a trio and they released their third and potentially final studio album. Shortly after cancelling their 2016 No Parents Allowed Tour, the group disbanded in 2017.

Less than 4 years later, Mindless Behavior drama continues. In a Winter Time Shawty interview, when asked about Prince, Ray appeared uncomfortable and simply answered saying that he and Prince haven’t spoken in years and Ray doesn’t really care if they ever talk again. This made fans realize that there was something that happened behind the scenes between the two. In January 2021, Princeton thanked his fans for their supports and tells fans how he is excited about his upcoming debut album and how he has grown light years from Mindless Behavior. Less than a few hours later, Ray posted a blurred picture of himself on his Instagram and Twitter and in both of the captions, fans seemed to believe that Ray was somewhat throwing shade at Princeton. It stated: “ I went on nearly a five year hiatus...I gave you more than enough time to blow up as an artist, but you failed to impress. Now it’s my turn. -Rayan”. Later on that day, Ray went live on Instagram and a fan asked him about the posts. He didn’t fully explained, but threw a little bit of shade by laughing at Prince’s comment about “growing up light years from Mindless Behavior”.

Ever since Jacob Latimore posted a throwback and tagged Diggy Simmons, Jawan Harris, the members of the OMG Girlz and Mindless Behavior on Instagram, fans have been begging nonstop for a reunion, especially from Mindless Behavior. Ray and Prod said that they’d be more than open to the idea....just when the time is right. On the other hand Roc is still in jail and Prince is not so fond of the idea. On TikTok, a fan jokingly begged Prince for a reunion and he replied saying that he didn’t want to do a reunion with the boys. Fans also realize that Prince is way more closer with the most recent members of the group like EJ and Mike, than Prod, Roc and most of all, Ray.

Some fans believe that Prince has some resentment towards the three members, possibly because they all left, leaving him the only original member in the group. In February 2021, a viral clip from a 2020 Instagram live, A fan comments “Prince don’t f*ck with MB like dat” and Rayan then replies saying “ Nah, We don’t f*ck with Prince like dat” which led some fans to believe that Prod and Prince had problems too. In a Winter Time Shawty interview, Prod reveals that he and Ray stay in touch, He calls Roc here and there but when asked about Prince, he replies that he and Prince haven’t spoken in awhile. In January 2021, Princeton shouts out Prod in a podcast interview.

Personally, let’s just hope that the drama dies down just in time for a MB reunion tour.