I like Roc Royal and Ray Ray because they are sooooooo funny, down to earth, cool to hang out with. They really are cute and have the nice and goo looking hair you ever seen. They dont discriminate girls, they just love them all in every countries, states, and even continent. Roc Royal is soooo dreamy and romantic too. He likes to joke around alot with his boy Ray Ray, nice poses in maganize and photo shoot, likes talking about girls, and etc.

On the other hand, Ray Ray...LOL... is too funny for his age. His is 17 years old going on 18 I think. But anyway, I like him because he is too funny. Like, I would be watching their radio interview on youtube, like always, and will hear the people asking each on them a question and every time its Ray Ray or Roc Royal or even Princeton, I would be laughing or blushing OD hard. LOL!!!!. I like Roc Royal and Ray Ray the most and including Princeton and I like Prodigy the least. Love ya'll. :) Stay Mindless and hope you read and like this.                                                                                               



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