mindless behavior are four very cute teens have a great way of being people love them because they are very nice people but this time not speak of ray, roc or prodigy on this occasion speak princeton.
princeton is a great person is a very cute guy I love the way he is I am right now grabbing anything to be able to go to usa what I like most is that we like the same color is green jejejeje I adore princeton wanted know and to embrace eh ejejje as thought is that it can not happen that sometimes you can not think of many things but what I quies is to talk with as friends lol thing happen not know if everything is not like in the movies or series of disney chanel jejejeje but it could be that dream becomes reality or not.
No sere united states but a lot of princeton and roc ray and prodigy quies meet the four but WORSHIP princeton know him and talk with I do not speak much English but I am learning to go to united states are so fan ise that my dad get me a visa to go to united states and I have but I quies stay in that country not only go for a few months and return to Peru.
but good princeton also speaks Spanish jajja there is my dream is to talk to yourself dreaming crazy and all that but everything I say comes from my ♥ I do not joke with my words I love to write things and what I'm escriendo dreams crazy but everything I say is true and good, just wanted to mention that this is my dream to meet princeton mindless behavior of.
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