Being Mindless for Mindless Behavior is always fun and quite a joy but sometimes I feel so alone and singular. I live in NewYork and I know their are true Mindless fans out there but where? Most of the M.B fans that I've seen are in Middle School but oddly they look much older than me.

It's a shame to say but i've been Mindless since this November, I know it seems pretty recent but for me it feels like a life time. I heard their song My Girl earlier this year and I loved it but never got addicted and it's hard to believe but I was not infected with the Mindless Fever. I know some fans would say that they love M.B since they debuted last year so some how those fans seem greater, I think it's awesome that they've known and loved Mindless Behavior since last year but even though i'm a recent fan that doesn't mean the older fans no more than me. I'm a scorpio so we scorpio's when we get going at something we are truely dedicated and never quit sometimes we do get obsessive.Some Scorpios can be really nice and Most are really mean, i'm the nice kind so people take advantage of me alot, but when I watch a Mindless Behavior video or hear a song I feel something that words cant explain, something different true happiness. Some girls may say how much they love a particular member and I always smile cause I think that's really cute and nice of them to say, it would be really cool if a fan ends up with an M.B. member; and this may seem weird but I don't really have a crush on any of them I just think their all quite handsome and really cool kids, kinda like me.

Somedays I feel really guilty because I didn't know them last year but it's not my fault I'm from the caribbean so I just moved to New York September, alot of people in the caribbean knew them but for some reason I didn't I guess I really am weird, but since I've known of Mindless Behavior I've watched all their pass Ustream videos, MB cams, Music Videos and probably hundreds of interviews all because I wanted to know their personalities so even though on the fan skale i'm late my knowledge of them exceeds the average. I, like so many other people in the world try to be peaceful and kind everday and that's also one of the messages that Mindless Behavior sends, these kids are just so positive and full of life an energy, how could everyone not love Mindless Behavior and be infected with the mindless fever as us fans .

MichaelaWebb 09:51, January 1, 2012 (UTC)Michaela

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