So the rumors have been going around for weeks, I never believed them but I kept in mind that Princeton would look cute with Renata. I watched this video today with some evidence, take a look at it......could Princeton really be dating brazilliaan singer Renata miller?

I still love M.B and I support Renata and Princeton,I just wish they'd admit they are dating so we can all move on LOL. Renata is a beautiful girl and Princeton is also gorgeous and alot of fans, you know us mindless girls are really mad, some are sad and others or happy or in between. I'm actually happy surprisingly, I wasn't inlove with any MB members but i have to admit Princeton was my fave so I kinda developed a liking to him, Not a crush just something I cant explain. Any ways I thought i'd be kinda hurt but i'm not i'm okay, i'm great....but I have this slight know and weird feeling in my gut. #TeamMindless 4ever and if Renata Miller is Princton's mrs.right and he's happy then i'm happy aren't you guys. The youtube video I saw with clues is below. Comment on this post, to tell me if you believe oh and join this wiki!thumb|right|300px|Video with clues to dating rumors

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