Craig Crippen Jr.

He loves girls who are not afraid to be themselves and he would never want a girl to change for him. Personality is the most important thing for him. He is looking for a girl who is sweet and can always keep a conversation. Confidence is key; he is looking for a strong witted girl with a big heart. His ideal lady needs to be independent and can stand on her own. He loves when girls are outgoing. Prodigy loves to have fun and his leading lady also needs to know how to have fun. Whether it be heading out to the movies or doing one of Prodigy's favorite things, dancing, she has to be down for anything. One thing that catches his attention is girls who don't over do it with makeup. Prodigy has a soft spot for girls who show their natural beauty. Girls who have a style all their own will also catch Prodigy's eye, but as long as she is comfortable and happy; that is what matters most to the Mindless singer. She has to be friendly and kind, nut of course, she needs to be MINDLESS.
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